Elvin Wong

Designer & Mapmaker
Possible Time Traveler

50 hours a week...

Always time for fun.

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I'm glad that you are here.


@Interaction Design Foundation
Web Design for Usability

@Boston University
BS Communication c/o 16


Studio Artist

Liberty Mutual

Jr. Art Director
Havas Health

Studio Intern

Marketing Intern
BU Hockey + Arena

Current Position
6.18 - present

7.17 - 5.18

10.16 - 3.17

Summer 16

1.13 - 5.16

Transferable Skills

Art Direction
Studio Production
UI Prototyping with Webflow and Xd
Front End Design with HTML/CSS

Lastly, I play hella Cities: Skylines, Civilization VI, and other simulation & grand strategy video games during my free time — just putting it out there for any takers.