Greater Boston Fantasy Metro

Updated February 2018 with help by Facebook group New Urbanist Memes for Transit-Oriented Teens

I redesigned and expanded the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority's rapid transit map with inspirational research from Andrew Lynch's map blog and official MBTA memorandum for future system expansion. The biggest challenge I faced while designing this map was to balance geographical accuracy against information architecture, primarily with the Green Line which contains a lot of street-level stops in very short distances compared to the rest of the line. Boston has a legacy transportation system, meaning it is a culmination of many lines built in different eras combined into one. To solve this issue, I fell back on a method that the MBTA used to combat this issue in the past: by abstracting the Green Line branches and displaying only the major stops along those branches.

I added the following additions and extensions, both planned and theoretical:

  1. The Green Line Somerville Extension, as the A branch that runs from Tufts to the unused northern turnaround at Government Center
  2. The Indigo Line, a three-part diesel multiple unit system that utilizes the Commuter Rail in Allston/Brighton to ease traffic on the Green Line, which is currently at capacity; through Cambridge to North Station as a cross-town connection, and through Dorchester which upgrades the current Fairmount Line Commuter Rail line into a rapid transit line that features shorter headways
  3. Blue Line Western Extension to Charles/MGH, creating a Blue/Red transfer point and easing Green Line traffic between Government Center and Park Street
  4. Blue Line Eastern Extension to Salem via Lynn through the current commuter rail alignment
  5. Red Line Northern Branches that serve the suburbs of Arlington, Lexington, and Burlington
  6. Orange Line Northern Branches that serve the suburbs of Wakefield, Melrose, Malden, and Chelsea
  7. Orange Line Southern Branches that serve the suburbs of Readville and Hyde Park
  8. and converting the Needham Commuter Rail Line into a rapid transit branch of the Orange Line ◉

Full size map

First redesign from 2014