Brand Builder Promotional Campaign

(above) Announcement Video for Brand Builder
(1) Home Page UI Exploration
(2) Promotional Poster
(3) Roll-Out Communications
(4) Alternate Home Page Layout
(5) Alternate Home Page Layout

Brand Builder Promotional Campaign

Liberty Mutual Insurance needed to inform its network of agents of the overhaul of its marketing automation platform. Our internal agency collected background research of what our agents looked for in the web app and partnered with a SASS company to deliver this platform which we internally named Brand Builder (1).

For the poster (2), we wished to depart from typical office announcement posters and instead create a piece of poster art that was simply nice to look at, since we cannot control where these posters will be displayed in field marketers’ offices.

We also created a series of company-wide rollout communications (3) which will announce the benefits of this new system and encourage adoption.

Before our studio designers set off to rebuild our field marketing to become compatible with this new platform, we extensively studied the web app to write a procedural documentation for its new users.

We partnered with Ever & Oak to create a video that will accompany these emails to build hype for its arrival.

Art Direction Lead: Allison Aamodt & self
Studio designers: Brook Griffin & self
Copywriter: Federica della Noce
Videography: Ever & Oak